Little Fingy's

a social enterprise for self-sustainability of Children's Garden Home

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Warning: Our healthful products and produces are infected with kiddy joy, laughter and love, and can overdose you with good taste, health and happiness!

Slow food farming offers the healthiest of farm produce through organic growth without chemicals.
Water for sale  

Borehole H20 (Water)

We offer fresh and clean underground water pumped from our 300m deep bore-hole well. The water is not totally crystal clear due to presence of mineral content. But the water has been tested and certified safe for use by our children. We sell the water for sustainability. >> more...

Safari Beads for sale  

Handmade Bead Craft

We offer beautiful handmade bead craft in the form of necklaces, bracelets, sandals, etc. Every craft item is handmade with love and care by our kids, supervised by professionals. Our most popular necklace series is the Safari Collections. >> more...

Tomatoes for sale  

Cheery Tomatoes

We offer limited supply of freshly grown and harvested tomatoes from our greenhouse agri-farm. The farm is cared for by a group of kids who are enthusiastic about agriculture. They grow a variety of vegetables for own consumption. We grow cheery tomatoes in the greenhouse for sustainability. >> more...

Eggs for sale  

Happy Eggs from Our Kuku (Chicken) Farm

We offer fresh eggs from happy chicken that are immersed in the joy and laughter of our children. This kuku farm is run by kids who enjoy animal husbandry. They not only care for the chicken but also manage the farm business and produce half-yearly financial reports. >> more...

Dairy Milk for sale  

Joyful Dairy Milk

We offer fresh and healthful milk from our herd of joyful dairy cows that play with kids everyday. The dairy cow farm is under the care of kids who have interest in animal husbandry. They feed and milk the cows daily, and prepare half yearly financial reports on the farm business. >> more...

Posho mill service by Little Fingy's  

Posho Mill Service

We offer friendly milling service of maize flour for ugali. Our Posho Mill Team is operated by a staff supported by kids who learn experientially how to operate the machine, customer service and keeping account of revenue vs expense from electrcity usage. >> more...

Children's Garden Cafe by Little Fingy's  

Children's Garden Cafe

Come relax over a cuppa, snacks or a meal at our cafe in a serene garden setting. This cafe is operated by our youth who have aspirations to pursue a career in the F&B industry. After completing Form 4, they learn-and-earn-on-the-job for 1 year in this cafe before being sponsored for a college education. >> more...

Children's Garden Choir by Little Fingy's  

Children's Garden Choir

The Children's Garden Choir never fails to deliver a wow experience in our audience. Under the guidance of the talented choir master Muzungu, the kids sing with a grace and elegance to touch every heart. Our choir is pleased to perform at your function for a humble cash donation for sustainability. >> more...

Children's Garden Dance Troupe by Little Fingy's  

Children's Garden Dance Troupe

The award-winning Children's Garden Dance Troupe tops the national school competition regularly, and is often invited to perform at public events. If you are looking for a wow performance at your private event, look no further than inviting our dance troupe for a cash donation towards our sustainability. >> more...

Children's Garden Acrobatics by Little Fingy's  

Children's Garden Acrobatics

The Children's Garden Acrobatic Team comprises highly talented boys and girls who perform dare-devil stunts that knock you off your feet. If you are looking for a performance with an X factor, just engage our acrobatic team for a cash donation towards our sustainability. >> more...

JSHIL the band from Children's Garden Home  

JSHIL the band

JSHIL The Band is a group of talented young song writers, vocalists, drummers and guitarists. They perform their own compositions with passion. Catch their weekend performance at the Children's Garden Cafe or engage their performance for a cash donation towards our sustainability. >> more...






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