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a social enterprise for self-sustainability of Children's Garden Home

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Our handmade bead craft is a pure expression of artistic diversity and harmony as our children come from all tribes across Kenya.

The children express their richness of African tribal diversity and love for wilderness through their bead arts.
Bead afri

What We Offer

Every necklace is an artistic creation of the child from within, a flowering of her aspiration and a longing to touch someone, somewhere faraway.

Your patronage means much more than financial support. It makes a precious connection that allows the child's inner voice to be heard through the artful expression of her craft.

Little Fingy's BEADwear is the best gift for your beloved and friends because it is embedded with a child's hope and love.

SAFARI collection
Safari Collection
Safari in Kenya offers an unmatched adventure into the wild of Africa like nowhere else. This collection brings out the call of the wild across the savanna through tasteful use of earth and bone beads.

Business Goals

To generate a regular income to fund the salary of 1 staff (average Ksh.10,000 each/month) of Children's Garden Home.

Business Plan

The Safari Collection features 7 specially designed and handmade bead necklaces of unique styles and priced only at Ksh.5,000 per collection. We welcome partners and supporters to order for gifting or retail in their own countries.

We are happy to ship for FREE for orders of more than Ksh.50,000.

We aim to generate a surplus of Ksh.10,000 every month to fund the salary of 1 staff of Children's Garden Home.


We appreciate the following donors, volunteers and social catalysts:

  • Alvin, Jin and Robyn Yong from Singapore and their Friends of Seva 2011 for their donation of capital stock and creation of the business model in October 2011.
  • Keziah Murugi for her professional training and guidance to the children for their bead craft skills.
Patronize Us

Support us to be self-sustainabile, ORDER our bead craft necklaces and tell your friends about Little Fingy's Handmade Bead Craft.

Order by contacting us now.



FREE delivery to all Singapore addresses. For other destinations, kindly contribute a nominal shipping fee of SGD20.

SAFARI Collection
SGD70 / set of 7 necklaces

Delivery Destination

Thank you for your support and for giving the children an opportunity to hone a livelihood skills, learn experientially about entrepreneurship and contribute towards the sustainability of their home and family - the Children's Garden Home & School in Kenya.




© 2011-2018 Little Fingy's is a self-help social enterprise under Children's Garden Home & School, P.O. Box 315-00605 Uthiru, Nairobi, Kenya