Little Fingy's

a social enterprise for self-sustainability of Children's Garden Home

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Fancy wholesome and tasty fresh milk from happy dairy cows? Come to Little Fingy's Moo Moo Dairy Farm. Our cows are surrounded by joyful children who play with them all day long. Happy cows give plenty of healthful milk!

Betty (cow #1): "These kids tickle me pink and make me laugh everyday!"

What We Offer

Joyful Fresh Milk @ Ksh.30 per litre

Business Goals

To generate a regular income to partially fund the electricity bill (average Ksh.15,000/month) of Children's Garden Home.

Business Plan

With 2 cows each producing on average 15 litres of milk daily, we have a total of 30 litres of milk each day. We donate 15 litres to Children's Garden Home for domestic consumption and sell the remaining 15 litres each day. In a month, we sell 450 litres of milk.

We retail at Ksh.30/litre while the estimated cost is Ksh.15/litre. So profit is about Ksh.15/litre.

We aim to generate a surplus of Ksh.6,750 every month to partially fund the electricity bill of Children's Garden Home.


We appreciate the following donors, volunteers and social catalysts:

  • Singapore donors who funded the purchase of another cow in 2012 to make the dairy farm self-sustainable.
  • Alvin, Jin and Robyn Yong from Singapore and their Friends of Seva 2011 for their donation of 1 cow and construction of the cow shed in October 2011.
Patronize Us

Support us to be self-sustainabile, ORDER our fresh milk and tell your friends about Little Fingy's Dairy Milk.

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