Little Fingy's

a social enterprise for self-sustainability of Children's Garden Home

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Happy eggs from happy chicken living in the Children's Garden Home are filled with kiddy laughter, joy and love. Little Fingy's Happy Eggs are great nourishment for the whole family!.

When they get tender loving care and stare by the children all day long, the chicken are sure to grow and lay Happy Eggs joyfully.

What We Offer

Happy Eggs @ Ksh.600 per crate (30 eggs)
Single Happy Egg @ Ksh.20 per egg

Business Goals

To generate a regular income to fund the salary of 1 staff (average salary of Ksh.10,000 each) in Children's Garden Home.

Business Plan

We aim to have a sustainable population of 50 chicken comprising 45 layers and 5 roosters in the farm. That will produce about 1050 eggs per month. Setting aside 640 eggs as donation to Children's Garden Home as basic nutritional food supplement for all the children, we plan to sell 400 eggs each month.

We aim to generate a surplus of Ksh.6,000 every month to fund the water bills of Children's Garden Home.


We appreciate the following donors, volunteers and social catalysts:

  • Marcus, Travos and Jake Robinson from the USA for their donation of 90 chicken, materials and feed in September 2011.
  • Alvin, Jin and Robyn Yong from Singapore and their Friends of Seva 2011 for their donation of 20 chicken and funding the chicken coop construction in September 2011.
Patronize Us

Support us to be self-sustainabile, ORDER our fresh eggs and tell your friends about Little Fingy's eggs.

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