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a social enterprise for self-sustainability of Children's Garden Home

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Children learn the A-B-C of running a small business through participating in the planning and operation of the Posho Mill Service..

What We Offer

Maize Flour @ Ksh.110 per 2kg
Milling only @ Ksh.8 per 2kg

Business Goals

To generate a regular income to fund the salary of 1 staff (average salary of Ksh.10,000 each) in Children's Garden Home.

Business Plan

Each sack (90kg) of maize sold with milling gives us a profit of Ksh.500.

We aim to achieve a regular business volume of 20 sacks per month so as to generate a surplus of Ksh.10,000 to fund the salary of 1 staff in Children's Garden Home.


We appreciate the following donors, volunteers and social catalysts:

  • Eugenio and Alessandra Bozza, and their group of Italian friends for their donation of a Posho Mill in August 2011.
  • Alvin, Jin and Robyn Yong from Singapore for advising us on the customer loyalty and friend referral programs to enhance business volume in September 2011.
  • Fiona Saunder from the UK for donating 6 sacks of maize as initial start up capital stock in September 2011.
  • Anne Choo from Singapore for being a social investor in extending a capital loan to purchase 5 sacks of maize to further this social business in October 2012.
Patronize Us

Support us to be self-sustainabile, ORDER our maize flour and tell your friends about our service.

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