Little Fingy's

a social enterprise for self-sustainability of Children's Garden Home

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We supply fresh, clean water from our 300m deep borehole source to the community in Uthiru, Nairobi.

Our children learn about the preciousness of water and how the borehole technology work.

What We Offer

Water @ Ksh.1,000 per 15,000 litre (truck)
or Ksh.800 per 10,000 litre (truck)
or Ksh.5 per 20 litre (container)

Note: Buyer shall pay for transportation cost.

Business Goals

To generate a regular income to fund the 3 staff (average monthly salary of Ksh.10,000 each) and school supplies for the children of Children's Garden Home.

Business Plan

The major cost of water supply is the electricity to work the borehole system to pump clean underground water from our 300m deep borehole well, and the maintenance cost of the borehole system. The water container and piping system was a one-time capital investment.

We aim to generate a surplus of Ksh.30,000 every month to fund the salary of 3 staff and all school supplies in Children's Garden Home.


We appreciate the following donors, volunteers and social catalysts:

  • Barbara from Switzerland for her donation of the borehole system in 2009.
  • Singapore donors for funding the repair of the borehole system in October 2012.
Patronize Us

Support us to be self-sustainable, ORDER our water and tell your friends about Little Fingy's water supply.

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Borehole water system




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