Little Fingy's

a social enterprise for self-sustainability of Children's Garden Home

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Children's Garden Home is the sole beneficiary supported by social enterprise Little Fingy's.

The best form of education is experiential - to teach by doing, and to learn through experience.

Social Business Model

Little Fingy's is based on the social business model of non-loss + non-dividend.

'Non-loss' means that Little Fingy's is run with the discipline and vigor of a for-profit business. Whereas in the case of a for-profit business, the goal is to maximize profit for personal gain, the objective of Little Fingy's is that of a social cause - to offer the kids an experiential education in entrepreneurship and to generate a financial surplus towards self-sustainability for Children's Garden Home.

'Non-dividend' means that Little Fingy's does not disperse any of its profit or interest to any individual. All surpluses of Little Fingy's are either retained for reinvestment to grow the social business or channelled to Children's Garden Home in the form of donation to fund the expenses of the home. Shareholders will not receive any income. Social investors who seed fund any initiative will only be paid back the original capital sum without any interest.


By the Children, For the Children

Running Little Fingy's alongside Children's Garden Home offers many benefits for the children. For one, the children get to participate in the planning, operation and review of a business venture and learn experientially about entrepreneurship. They have many opportunities to relate what they learnt in mathematics, science and economics and apply those lessons into real life.

However, it is not our intention to rely on the children for the business operation. Where full- or part-time staff is needed, we hire them and include the staff cost as part of business expense.

The diverse nature of Little Fingy's social business projects offers children with different interests a chance to develop their vocational knowledge and skills, with the possibility of pursuing the business as a career within or without Little Fingy's.

This Little Fingy's social business concept was designed and launched by Alvin Yong from Singapore, when he was volunteering at the Children's Garden Home in Aug-Oct 2011. He returned to CGH in 2012 and 2016 to guide the children in business education. The children also send him half-yearly Little Fingy's financial reports.

We welcome social entrepreneurs and investors to partner with, advise and support us.


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